Logging and Forestry Services

Our logging and forestry services allow you to earn financial compensation for the most valuable and renewable resource on your land – your timber. We have over 22 years of experience harvesting timber, and our loggers use best management practices to ensure we leave a minimal footprint on your land. Through careful listening and planning, we are able to understand and meet your objectives for your property, whatever they may be.

If you’re looking for an honest and dependable logging and forestry company to sell your timber to, you won’t find a better one than K&B Lumber.


Lumber Mill and Millwork Services

Lumber and Millwork

The K&B lumber mill is where we turn your timber into high value products for furniture production and more.  Over time, we’ve refined our mill to generate zero waste by using each part of every log. There are many benefits to operating this way, including environmental friendliness, but for our timber sellers it means that we are able to maximize the value of each log and pass a significant portion of that value to you when we buy your timber.

If you’re looking to sell your timber, contact us today for a free estimate!