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About K&B Lumber

K&B Lumber is both a standing timber logging company and a furniture grade lumber mill, located in Charm Ohio and serving most of central and Northeastern Ohio. We’re a “one stop shop” for both timber harvesting and millwork. That means you don’t have to work with broker or middle man when you sell us your timber, enabling you to get better prices for your trees.

Founded in 1993, we have over 22 years of experience in timber buying, logging, and millwork. Our ethical approach to harvesting timber means you can count on us to respect and care for your land. We go the extra mile to always use logging best practices during a timber harvest, and clean up after ourselves before we leave.

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Our goal is to leave your property in better shape than we found it

Timber Buying and Lumber Services

Standing Timber Logging

Standing timber is one of America’s great renewable resources. When logged the proper way, it offers many benefits to a forest in addition to financial compensation for the owner. Some of these include better access to your land via logging roads, increased levels of forest undergrowth and better habitats for wildlife.

At K&B lumber, we specialize in select cutting (as opposed to clear cutting), so we only take the trees that are ready for harvest, and leave the rest to grow and be harvested in the future. When logged this way, your forest can continue to generate income over time and maintain it’s health and biodiversity.

logger cutting down tree

Sawmill Lumber Mill Millwork

Lumber and Millwork

Our lumber mill turns your timber into furniture grade lumber that’s used in furniture production across the United States. In addition, we also regularly produce of larger timbers that are used in the railroad industry for building bridges and railroads.

Over time, we’ve refined our process to ensure that no part of your timber goes unused – the bark is turned into mulch, the slab wood is used to produce paper and particle board, and the sawdust is recycled as bedding for animals.

A Proven Process

Throughout our 23 years in the timber industry, we have constantly refined our process based on feedback from our customers. The friendly teams of loggers and foresters at K&B Lumber will treat you honestly and respectfully at every stage of a harvest, from planning to clean up.

We care about the health and vibrance of your land in the same way that we care about our own land. Because our logging team filled with outdoorsmen and wildlife enthusiasts, you can be sure we will do everything we can to maintain the health of your forest.

logging and forestry process

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