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Sell Your Timber To Us: You Get Logging Best Practices

Efficient Logging Roads

Depending on whether your land has been logged before, we work with existing timber logging roads, or construct new ones. Our goal is always to create the most efficient road system possible and minimize stream crossings. We build skid trails, log landings, and main haul roads in accord with the natural topography of your property.

For forested tracts with previously build logging roads, we evaluate the existing system and make maintenance improvements where we can. Sometimes due to lack of maintenance or bad location and design, some of the roads are unusable. In this case we would incorporate as many of the old tracts as possible, and build new roads to complement the old system.

Forestry BMP's - Efficient Logging Roads

Better Habitats for Wildlife

It’s a common misconception that logging is bad for wildlife. When timber harvests are done in the right way, it can actually increase the overall number and quality of habitats for wildlife. How is this possible?

Holes in the forest canopy: Removing tall trees creates holes in the forest canopy, allowing light to penetrate down to the forest floor. This allows new ground vegetation to flourish where before there was none. Animals thrive on this new growth, using it both as a source of food and shelter.

Tree Tops: We make it a point to leave the tree tops on your property, which provides valuable cover for deer and other wildlife. It also has the benefit of recycling the organic material over time as the dead branches decay and return to nature.

Sell Your Timber - Wildlife Habitats

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Sell Timber Ohio Logging

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Ohio Logging Locations

You can sell your timber to K&B Lumber in an area from Northeastern Ohio all the way down to the central part of the state. Our headquarters is located in the quaint town of Charm in Holmes County Ohio.

We typically buy timber from the nearby counties of Tuscawaras, Coshocton, Knox, Stark, Wayne, Richland, Ashland, Licking, Muskingum, and Gurnsey. But, we will happily drive up to two hours (or more) to your land. See the accompanying Ohio county map for areas we are actively buying timber from.

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If you’re looking to sell your timber, contact us today for a free estimate!