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Better Logging: Silviculture

Silviculture is the art and science of controlling the establishment, growth, composition, health, and quality of forests to meet the needs of landowners and society in a sustainable way. In practical terms, this involves maintaining the biodiversity of the trees and plants on the property, as opposed to having a monoculture with trees that are close to the same age (as often happens with a clear cut).

A healthy forest has young trees and old trees of various species all coexisting together. Selective logging opens up holes in the forest canopy that allows regeneration of undergrowth and saplings, thereby increasing biodiversity.

Logging Best Practices - Siviculture

Logging best practices help increase biodiversity and make your forest ecosystem healthier

To Log or Not to Log: The Benefits of Logging

To learn about how we use logging Best Management Practices, click here.

We Are Looking For These Tree Types:


Furniture. Veneer. Musical instruments. Gun stocks.
Walnut Tree Logging
Oak Tree Logging Ohio

White Oak

Whiskey barrels. Fenceposts. Boats. Caskets.
Oak logging ohio
Red Oak Ohio Timber Logging

Red Oak

Railroad ties. Mine timbers. Fenceposts. Pulpwood.
red oak logging Ohio
maple tree logging ohio


Bowling pins. Gymnasium floors. Violins.
Maple Logging Ohio
black cherry logging ohio


Tobacco pipes. Gun stocks. Carvings.
Black Cherry Logging Ohio
Hickory Logging Ohio


Smoking Meats. Flooring. Furniture.
Hickory Logging Ohio
Poplar logging ohio


Pallets. Crates. Plywood. Upholstered furniture.
Poplar logging ohio
Ash tree logging ohio


Baseball bats. Hockey sticks. Canoe paddles.
Ash Tree Logging Ohio

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