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About K&B Lumber

K&B Lumber was started by Martin Kuhns and Robert Bartman in 1993. Prior to starting K&B Lumber, both Marty had experience in the lumber industry dating to 1975. Since it’s inception, K&B Lumber has employed modern logging and milling techniques.

We are a “one stop shop” for logging and millwork, meaning our customers do not have to deal with a “middle man” or broker (and have to pay for their services). This means we see the entire process from forest to furniture grade lumber through ourselves.

Our lumber mill produces high quality lumber for the furniture industry, as well as railroad timber and ties that go into keeping the rail system of the United States functioning and healthy.

K&B Lumber

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K&B Lumber Workers

About Our Workers

K&B Lumber employs three separate logging crews, and 15 workers at our lumber mill. These individuals are responsible for producing over 6 million board feet per year, and we are proud of them.

What we do at K&B Lumber is truly a team effort. The exceptional service we deliver would not be possible without the dedication and support of our employees. Our timber and mill crews are composed of hard working, diligent, and ethical individuals that are trained to the highest standards.

When you choose K&B Lumber, your property and your timber will be in good hands.

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